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"Working Titles" by Damien Jurado

Damien Jurado - Working Titles

While everyone else was at Coachella this weekend, I watched a lot of playoff hockey. AND we saw Damien Jurado at the Bootleg Bar.

First, the music. It was fantastic. He played with a full band, with arms raised triumphantly, announced that he and his wife are having a baby, and talked about having an awakening around the making of his recent album. He had the look of a man who is doing things on his own terms, and from the sound of it, it’s working for him. There were clearly a bunch of people there to see reproductions of Arkansas and his Saint Bartlett hits (which really bums me out about the concert industry, but I get it). He gave ‘em what they wanted with an acoustic 3-song encore. But he brought the band back to close the night with a barnburner. 

Second, the Bootleg Bar is an amazing space. It’s really small and really crowded, but incredibly well done. It has a gorgeous vaulted ceiling, a cool hanging sculpture, heavy velvet curtains draped around the walls, and great sound. As an added bonus, they have an awesome and extensive beer list. Definitely make the effort if a band you’d like to see rolls through. 

Photo credit telephonostereo

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